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  1. Sherylee and Mia

    Hi 5/6W
    We really like your blog, our names are Mia and Sherylee. We go to St.Leonards primary school. We just got new furniture for our learning space.We hear that you are going to camp Rumbug next year, there are heaps of activities like the fun and Fitness trail it was our favourite activity.Can’t wait to do goggle hangout with you!!!

    From Mia and Sherylee

  2. Queeny

    Hi Eliza! I am also excited for the google hangout. Camp Rumbug was amazing. I lived the giant swing and canoeing. It was so fun. Sleeping with friends is the best. We talk for a while and then suddenly fall asleep. It sounds like your school is very interesting. I do ballet with Savannah and Lucy. You might know them. I am looking forward to talking with you again.

    From Queeny

  3. Bridget

    What have I enjoyed the most:I loved the coffee shop because it was really fun and the art exhibition because it was really fun.
    What I found challenging:really nothing.

  4. Jess

    Highlight: I loved the art exhibition the most because it was really fun and the night was so well organised.

    What I found challenging: To be honest, I didn’t really find anything that challenging. Maybe the maths working out sheets that we always have to do. I find them pretty hard.

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