UnknownDear Grade 5’s

Next year we will be spending more time learning about blogs and how to create awesome websites. I have organised for the man behind the worlds most popular blogs to do a question and answer session with us and we need to start thinking about the questions we will ask and what we want to learn.

If you could learn anything about blogs and how to publish really cool content on the internet, what would you like to learn?

Please be as detailed as possible 🙂

Mr Williams


  1. thomasmc

    1.How to make a good website.
    2.How to post images and videos on the internet.
    3.How to use all the tricky things on the keyboard.

  2. harrison

    1 what makes people use your website or blog
    2 is a good website simple or confusing
    3 what type of websites get people intrested

  3. tomjimnick12

    Hi here are some questions for the blogger.
    -How did you start blogging on the internet and get so popular?
    -What things do you like blogging about?
    -Was it hard to become a popular blogger from a small blogger?
    Thanks for reading!

  4. Dean

    Is there anything to put on your blog to make it awesome?
    How do you put videos on your blog?
    how do you get your blog popular?

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