Girls can do anything!Dear 5/6W,

Tonight your homework to answer one simple question in as much detail as possible. Please post your answers below. The question is….

What obstacles are in the way of you living your dreams?


  1. Harrison

    I would want to meet a cricket player but their are some things in the way.

    I don’t think a cricket player would bother to help or chat with a 11 year old kid because they proply have better things to do. They proply dont have time to chat or help me because the are busy training, playing and travelling.

  2. TomM

    My dream is to be a professional cricket player,

    I think the obstacles I may face are injuries, Train hard all the time, be committed and there are lots of others who would want this dream as well as me, so i need to train harder then them.

  3. Matthew

    The things standing in the way of me meeting my hero is that he’s in a different country and the challenges about them in a different country is that there is different time tables and that its would be hard to talk to him. There also famous therefore it’s even harder to get in contact with him. Also why would he want to take up some of his time just to talk with a 12 year old that he has on idea who he is.

  4. Jess

    My biggest dream is simply to meet Connor Franta, but there are many things getting in the way of making my dream come true. First of all, Connor lives in LA and rarely comes to Australia, but when he does come to Australia he only goes to Sydney. He also travels A LOT so it’s hard to find him and where ever he goes it’s never Melbourne. Secondly, it would probably cost a lot of money and my mum and dad probably wouldn’t pay for it. Thirdly, I just don’t know how. I don’t know how I could meet him with all these things getting in the way! I absolutely love Connor and he is truley my inspiration. He gives me the strength to keep going in every situation and he just always makes me smile. All I really want is to meet him and talk to him for a minute or two just to tell him how much I look up to him. My life would be complete if that could ever happen

  5. thomas23

    The things that are in the way of my dreams are money (dreams cost a lot), competition (its not just you that want to do something) and knowledge of the aspects of the dream (dont get tricked by your dream).

  6. alannahl

    I would love to talk to someone I look up to but I know I face alot of obstacles in my life.sometimes I think I am not good enough to go up to someone and ask if I could talk to them. I would properly get tackled by the secretary for breathing on someone like that. Also I am not spending half a million just to meet my hero and I don’t think they want come all the way here just to talk to a random twelve year old. Finally I don’t have the time to spend my days trying to make my dreams come true. Its part of life, but I always have that little spark in me that says “YOU CAN.”
    That’s all for today!!!

  7. nate

    things in the way of my dreams
    1 i don’t have enough money
    2 i don’t convince people very well (i will need to convince them to do it
    3 i dont have the time

  8. tomjimnick12

    The obstacles that are stopping me from living my dreams are that I would need help from someone who knows what they are doing. This is hard because these people are famous and hard to contact, they would probably me more interested in someone older and more professional. Also no one would take an 11 year-old seriously everyone would think they wouldn’t know what they would be doing. That’s what is stopping me from achieving my dreams.

  9. Lucy

    My dream is to go on pointe in ballet and to become a better dancer. The obstacles in my way mainly are injuries. When you dance and stretch the wrong way it is very easy to get injured. If you push yourself too hard that can injure you as well. Pointe shoes are very expensive so if I wear them out too quickly it will be heaps of money for my parents to keep buying new ones. If I went to talk to an expert the obstacles would be that I am only an 11 year old girl with a goal, that would not be enough to persuade them to give up there time to meet me. I think that you can follow your dreams and anything is possible but there are always going to be obstacles that put you back to the start.

  10. gabby

    My dream is to be a professional gymnast and go to the Olympics.
    The things stopping me from doing that is time. I don’t have any time to train when I have so many other things on I don’t see how I can fit it in.he next thing stopping me is there is a certain age to go to the Olympics and that’s a few years away. Although I could train in thoughs years but something else stopping me is injury’s. If I have an injury training it will be a big set back and who knows how long I could be out for.Those are my reasons why I have not achieved my goal yet.

  11. Alana P

    My dream is to improve my basketball skills and become a better player, but their are some obstacles in the way of doing that. Firstly injurys can get in the way of living my dream because while you’re injured you may not be able to train which can make you rusty when you get back on the court and not as good as you were before you got injured. Secondly many more people would have the same dream as me and I would have to be determined and put in a lot of hard work to become better then they are. Thirdly if I don’t work hard to get to where I want to be I simply won’t be able to get there.

  12. Marie

    My dream is to be a professional Diamond netball player.
    These are the things that are stopping me to play there is:
    I am too young to play in the netball team and so I need to be older.
    I need more skills and knowledge of the game and strategies to help my team to be the best they need to be.
    I need to be more aggressive and determined for the ball and chases it as hard as I can.
    Need to have more ways of moving around and tying to trick the other team.
    I have to train 7-9 hours a week and I don’t have all of that to train.

  13. Mia

    Obstacles stopping me from meeting my hero,

    Firsty, Bethany Hamilton is from Hawaii and possibly lives there at the moment and never really comes down to Australia not even melbourne even if I did get to go to Hawaii I would probably never find her. Secondly, Bethany possibly would not have the time to have a chat to me what so ever! She has to train and compete and repeat. Thirdly, to me, she’s my Hero and if i miss a chance to meet her and wouldve only been the only chance and I would think my life is pretty much over!

    So basically My dream is to meet Bethany Hamilton!!!!

  14. Eliza

    My dream is to go to the olympics, I’m not sure what sport I want to go in for but i like the idea of the experience and the vibe of the olympics… I also like the idea of free food.
    There are a few minor problems that can be solved. I don’t know how i would ever get the money I need to be able to go. If i chose to do basketball i would have to give up all the other sports I love. I would have to do my exams at the same time as doing intense training.

  15. Charlotte

    My dream is to become a professional dancer (mainly hip hop).
    One of the things that are in the way are injuries, I can get badly injured by training to hard, doing the wrong move or stretching wrong.
    I’m also too young to be a backstage dancer on tv. But I would probably be training still.
    I don’t know if a professional dancer would want to give up there time with what ever their doing and teach an 11 year old how to become a better dancer. I wish they could and I hope it does!

  16. Will L

    The obstacles that are stopping me from living my dreams are:
    Time:If I don’t have the time, how will my dream come true?
    Injuries:If I had a injury it might have a big set back on my dream.
    Money:If I had no money I would have no dream.

  17. Savannah

    My dream is to become a Major 3 (year 11) in ballet.I’m not sure if you would call them obstacles or challenges on the road to Major 3 but all I know is it can be hard. To get to my dream I have to be able to dance en pointe, I need to complete all my exams and I need to become more flexible. The only way to do this is to train hard and try better then my best. I live in a very safe and happy community which makes it easy to learn ballet and I am blessed that I have the opportunity to have such a good education. My family and friends are amazing and they give me the all the support I need. So, I don’t have any obstacles because it is easy with the help of my family and friends.

  18. LACHIE101

    My Dream is to play in the NBA and meet Michael Jordan.
    One of the obstacles is time and at the moment with school, weekend sport and weekly training’s plus homework after school, I don’t really have the time to work hard and study hard at the moment, but I could quit my other weekend sports like footy and athletics which would give me a bit more time. Which means I would have more time to work hard on my game and also my knowledge of the game to. Secondly, Injuries is a problem for me because I have problems with my knees and back and a simple thing like forgetting to stretch could set me back a lot. Thirdly, I need to study very hard and get good grades to get a scholarship to a collage in the U.S and develop my basketball skills to an elite standard. Also I need the money to get a cross to the U.S if I want to go to collage there or meet MJ. As well as that Michael Jordan is famous and would have better things to do than chat with a 12 year old boy who looks up to him, because there are tons of kids idolize him . On top of all this I need to have physical attributes to make to an elite level as well as the skills to play in the NBA. Plus there are a large amount of people who enter the NBA draft each year and they only pick 60 rookies so to make it I would have to an elite player.
    And they are the obstacles that are getting in my way at the moment.

  19. rytrain

    My DREAM would be to work closely with Stan Lee at MARVEL HQ in New York and my dream job would be for me to be a Software and coding Engineer to work for Google or Apple (maybe Google because there is more of a variety) and also work for Valve as a part time job. However there are many obstacles for both of them such as…

    1. Stan Lee is in the USA and I am in Australia
    2. I will have to make him aware of me by proving to him and the world that I am very good at creative writing and imagination to write comics.

    1. If I get into the subject of I.T there is a good chance I wont get into Google or Apple because like me, there are thousands of young people around the world who have the same dream.
    2.I might not be good enough for Valve unless I work really hard and become so good that they cant turn me down (:-

  20. georgenadi

    My Dream is to start my own gaming company and have that be my full time job
    Things In the way
    1. I’ts probably not allowed for kids to make video games and post them on the internet
    2. I need to take uni courses first to learn how
    3. I probably need to find people to help me and I need the money

  21. thomas mc

    My dream is to be a cricket or footy player.

    The things that are stopping me on the journey to my dream are injuries and it is hard to train to make myself better when doing my other activities.

  22. Sarah

    My dream is to see Lana Jones.
    Because Lana is always so busy, especially at the end of the year with concerts and things, It would be hard to find a time when she is free. Also, I go to Perth a lot for Christmas holidays so we can’t meat then ether.

    I can’t think of anything else in my way, but that is a very big obstacle that is in my way.

  23. Dean

    My dream is to play in the Australian cricket team and to be a Formula 1 driver,
    my obstacles might be getting injured maybe not having enough time to practice , right now i’m not old enough to dri ve and i may not get into the cricket or f1 team when i am older.

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