Changing the world with blood tests

Dear 5/6W,

Today we are looking at the youngest billionaire in the world. This is your opportunity to write a letter to Elizabeth Holmes. You will need to post your letter below and be willing to receive feedback on your writing.

Here is some more information about what she has done in her life…

A standout member among the new-editions to this very elite club is 30-year old college dropout Elizabeth Holmes. Holmes reportedly “labored in secret” for almost a decade while developing a revolutionary new blood-testing technology. In 2003 she took her findings to the public and founded Theranos– the company announced partnerships with Walgreens and other major drugstores to bring a new type of blood testing to consumers. Holmes’ technology calls only for a single finger-prick and a very small amount of blood for medical testing—as opposed to the full vial (or vials) of blood typically drawn for testing in most labs and medical offices. The prick is said to be painless and Theranos’ testing-methods only a fraction of the cost of commercial labs.
The biotech founder is the youngest self-made woman on the Forbes 400 list with a net worth of $4.5 billion. Holmes dropped out of Stanford University her sophomore year as a chemical engineering major and used her tuition money to found her company. Holmes’ tests do not have to be performed in a doctor’s office, and by skipping the big labs most results can be ready in a few hours. “She could totally overturn an entire industry if Theranos is as successful as it seems to be,” says Brown.


  1. Bridget

    Dear Elizabeth,
    My name is Bridget i go to school at St Micheals primary in melbourne and Im in grade 6 and for 4th term we are learning about economics and I had a few questions about your work.

    Well I wanted to know how do you get the blood out of someone with out using a neddle?
    Also how did you think of this in the first place?
    Another question I had was when you were little did you ever think of doing this or did you want to be a docter or nurse?

  2. Albert lee

    Dear Elizabeth Holmes,
    My name is Albert Lee and I am in a class called 5/6W.
    Can you please give me some advice on how to start our own company’s and be BILLIONAIRES like you. Please help and thanks.
    From Albert .
    I have some questions as well.
    1.How long did it take for you to be a billionaire.
    2.Where did you the idea for Theranos.
    3. When did you start your company.
    Thanks Albert lee

  3. Alana P

    Dear Elizabeth Holmes,
    My name is Alana and I am a year 6 student at St Michael’s. This term we are learning about economics and have been looking at four self made billionaires which are Sara Blakely, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and yourself! I am very interested in what you have done and i would like to know how you got to where you are today.

  4. harrison

    Dear Elizabeth Holmes,
    I love the work that you are doing because i hate needles. Needles hurt and are really scary, needles take lots of blood which your way of taking blood only takes a little bit of blood.

  5. Eliza

    Dear Elizabeth Holmes,
    My name is Eliza and I am at year six at St.michaels primary school in Ashburton in Australia. This term we are learning about economics, we have been given four people that we will be focusing on this term. Those people are Sara Blakely, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and you!
    I found it really interesting that you hate needles, but still managed to invent a new way to take blood with out being traumatised by the amount of blood been taking out.
    I have a question for you, How long did it take to invent a new way to take blood and how did you get the idea?
    Yours sincerly, Eliza

  6. Gabby

    Dear Elizabeth,
    I am inspierd by you idea of Theranos. I also i’m not a fan of needles. I would love to learn more about you and make something as succseful as yours.

  7. Lucy

    Dear Elizabeth Holmes,

    I am Lucy from 5/6W, St. Michael’s in Melbourne, Australia.

    We are learing about economics in class and focusing on the worlds richest people. We came across you and thought I that what you do is amazing. It helps so many people.

    Here are a few questions for you,

    . How did you come up with the idea to change the way we do blood tests?
    . Did you ever think you would be this successful?
    . When you were young, what did you want to be when you grow up?

    Those are only a few!

    I hope you can contact us so we can learn more about what you do.



  8. Marie

    Dear Elizabeth,
    I also hate getting needles too so I love your idea of the Theranos.
    I am very fascinated and would like to know more about it. You inspired me and I hope that I can make an invention like yours and hopefully become successful !!

  9. alannahl

    dear Elizabeth,
    i would like to thank you for creating something that would hurt less. we all dont like needles. i hope to grow up just like. not the money part but the helping part. because i love helping people for no good reson cause i know they are suffering.
    thankyou from

  10. Jess

    Dear Elizabeth,
    My name is Jess, I am from Melbourne, Australia and I am a year 6 at a small school called St Michaels Primary. For the 4th term we are learning about economics and looking at rich people. Everyone in our class has researched a little bit about
    you. If you don’t mind, I’d really like to know what inspired you to start this new way of doing blood tests? It’s great!

    I’d be so happy if you could respond but I understand if you’re too busy.


    From Jess

  11. georgenadi

    Dear Elizabeth,
    I really hate getting needles too so I love your idea of no needles!
    I am very Inspired and would like to know more about it.
    Good Idea!,

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