Earth and Our Solar System

Dear 5/6W,

Tonight your homework is to watch this video and write down 3 unanswered question you have, or any words/concepts you don’t understand.


  1. Eliza

    That video to me made pretty much ZERO sense, but I still have questions.
    1. What do astronomers use to figure out how big and how hot planets are?
    2. If stars are basically stars then what would happen if a heaps of stars were made close to a planet?
    3. Would it be possible to bounce a basketball on a planet?
    And last one.
    4. Is it possible for animals to live in space?

  2. Savannah

    That video got so confusing.It’s like they give you so much info in 2 mins and over half of it you just can’t understand.
    1. How did our sun have parents?

    2. How did comets create water? I herd him say something about water vapor but I’m still completely confused.

    3. How do scientists discover all the info about the different stages of the earth. ( Hadean Era, Ice ages, e.c.t)


    • Mr Williams

      Thanks for the feedback Savannah. Sometimes information overload is a good place to start so we can ‘strip away’ what we don’t need and focus on the most important info so we can make sense of it.

  3. Mia

    What I enjoyed doing the most this term was the interesting excursions we went on because we got to learn a lot of new things and look at what has happened in the past or recently! And heaps of other things! What I found challenging this term was trying to keep up with all the thresholds because their was so much about the thresholds. I also sort of found the maths abit challenging!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.:):):):):)

  4. Alana p

    What I enjoyed the most this term was all of the excursions we got to go on because it’s a different way of learning new things.

    What i found challenging this term was focusing on my spelling and improving my writing.

    Next term I am going to focus on my spelling and improving my writing

  5. Charlotte

    What I enjoyed this term was all the excursions we went to because they were different to the places I went to in the past.

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