Dear 5/6W,

Your homework tonight is to explain what ‘Accretion’ means and how this pro cress formed planets in our universe, 13 billion years ago.

You need to write at least 1 paragraph IN YOUR OWN WORDS. If you copy and paste you will have extra homework tomorrow. If you don’t understand just write anyway.

Watch the video again if you don’t understand.

Good luck

Mr Williams

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  1. Matthew

    98% of it is higrogen and helium and the other 2% can make all of different combinations of matter and that can create a plant.

  2. Harrison

    I think its when atoms and molecules come together to make really big amounts of matter,which is called accretion. That is how we create lots of different planets i believe..

  3. Gabby

    I think accretion means when atoms and molecules come together and form more matter. The amount of matter then forms a planet. And that was how I think the earth was made.

  4. Jess

    I think accretion is when atoms and molecules come together and create a large amount of matter. Large enough to form planets.

    I think that’s it but I’m not %100 sure. I’d love to learn more about it though!

  5. alannahl

    Accretion means is a whole lot of mater collecting other matter which makes planets. the bigger the amount of the matter the bigger the the planet will be.
    (i think so ;/)

  6. thomas m

    Accretion is a goldilocks condition, it is matter coming together to create something. A goldilocks conditions means the right conditions.

  7. Tom

    Its the atoms and molecules ( all of the elements apart from hydrogen and helium )that are revolving around the new stars. So they start to combine together and get bigger and bigger. Some even become planets. This process is accretion.

  8. LACHIE101

    I am not 100% sure what accretion means but I think it is where all different atoms and molecules come together in clumps and then form bigger bits of matter and eventually they form a planet.

  9. Eliza

    I think accretion is when the molecules and atoms come together and make a huge amount of matter! Which is then enough matter to form and create an awesome planet!
    Boom, that’s what I think but I have 0 clue if that’s right!:)

  10. Savannah

    I think a accretion is a clump of molecules that connect together to create more completed thresholds, although I’m still confused. How do the atoms stick together and not explode?I do know that this is how new planets are made, of course you would need the right amount of accretion to do that.


  11. Marie

    I think accretion means when atoms and molecules come together as a group to form matter.
    When more and more come together it eventually forms a planet.

  12. Alana P

    I’m not 100% sure what accretion is but i think it whem atoms and molecules come together to make a big chunk of matter.

  13. Sarah

    What is accretion?
    Accretion starts when a new star is formed. There are clouds of elements that circle the star. All the wind and speed that each element is performing gets faster untill some elements touch. They touch just enough that they don’t explode. They only stick to create chunkes of matter. This big bit of matter continues spinning and continues collecting more elements. Once the matter is big enough, all the elements or bits of matter, go away from the star. And there you have it. A planet is born!

  14. k-k-k-kierany

    I think that accretion is when clouds (with all lots of elements in them) from new planets spin in different ways an crash together to make a clump of elements and then slowly turn into a planet.

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