Feedback Session

Dear 5/6W,

I miss you guys! I have been in hospital other the last few days but you don’t have to worry, I’m almost all fixed up! I will explain everything that happened when I’m back at school, the doctors have said I should be back on Wednesday, I can’t wait!

We missed having a feedback session last week so your homework tonight is to watch the video here and then answer these questions. You can post in the comments section and I will get back to you tonight.

1. Is music important to you? Please explain your answer.

2. How can we incorporate music into our class routine more often?

3. Do you have any ideas on how we could be more musical in our class?

You are also welcome to leave any other teacher feedback on areas you would like me to pay extra attention to this week. Make sure you are using full sentences, capital letters and fullstops.

See you soon

Mr Williams 🙂


  1. tomjimnick12

    Hey here are my answers.

    1. Yes because I enjoy listening to it.

    2. We could use the trumpet more and learn a bit about it.

    3. We could do more things like listening to people playing their instruments and learn a bit about it.

  2. gabby

    1.Yes.I like to sing and listen to different types of songs.
    2.We could have a pack-up song and continue to listen to music in the morning.
    3.Same as question 2.

  3. 34s2014

    1)yes because it relaxs me and i sing at church also i love rythym.

    2)we could make some instruments for our class.

    3)we could have a class song so we can sing it in front of the other five and sixs and make them feel happy.

  4. alannahl

    1)yes because it relaxes me and i sing at church also i love rhythm.

    2)we could make some instruments for our class.

    3)we could have a class song so we can sing it in front of the other five and sixs and make them feel happy.

  5. liam

    1.Yes because music helps us relaxe and take a break from the real world.
    2/3.Listen to music about what we are learn like today when we had the element song.

  6. Lucy

    1. Yes because I like singing and listening to music.

    2. We could listen to music during pack up time.

    3. We could write a song.

  7. Sarah

    1: Yes. I love music. I love to play it I love listening to it and I love to dance to it.
    2: every week we should learn about an instrament and if anyone has that instrement of the week, they could bring it in.
    3: bring instrement in and have a lesson on it. Example: our drum kit, someone could learn a song on it and teach the class.

  8. Thomas23

    1. I think it is because im in the Australian Youth Choir.
    2. Do YouTube songs.
    3. We could make musical instruments in class.

    Thomas23 out.

  9. rytrain

    1. I like listening to all types of music. It is important because I like to keep up with the latest songs. It is good to have in the background.

    2. to be honest, I don’t know. May be we can incorporate it into our class routine by having music during silent reading.

    3. sadly, I have no idea.

  10. Savannah

    1 Yes, I love it ! Music gives you something to work with. For example if you had a sweet music you could create a ballet dance or if you had fast music you could make a rap song.

    2 Maybe, once a week, a pair could do a act to do with school and music. Write a song about your favorite subject a school etc.

    3 Maybe, we could write a song about how awesome our class is.


  11. Marie

    1. Yes I love listening to music because it makes me want to sing.

    2. In the morning so we get happy, ready and in the mood for a happy day.

    3. Each day a student creates a beat and we see who can make a different everyday but the beat can not be repeated.

  12. Eliza

    1) I love music because it cheers me up and you can listen to it when ever you want!
    2) We could incorporate music into class by listening to it while packing up and sometimes we could have 5 mins relaxation while listening to music.
    3) We could be more musical by having a “singing Monday” or something like that.

  13. Dean

    Hi Mr Williams
    1 Yes I listen to music all the time
    2 We could put on music during class more often
    3 We could make a class song

  14. harrison

    yes it bi importent because it changes the world.

    we can bring in our own insrements and start our own band for the school.

    we could have our own band

  15. harrison

    Yes it bi impotent because it changes the world.

    We can bring in our own increments and start our own band for the school.

    We could make a band and play for the school

  16. Jean lee(Albert lee)

    Jean lee
    1.yes because music is great
    2.mabye we could play more music
    3. Make new music to play
    🙂 Jean out

  17. Charlotte

    1. I love music I listen to it all the time
    2. When we pack our bags we have a pack up song
    3. We bring in instruments once a week or write a class song

  18. Alana

    1) Yes music is important to me because i like singing really badly.

    2) We could incorporate music in our class routine by playing it when do are doing work or a test

    3) We could be more musical in class by having singing day like ballet thursday.

  19. Sarah

    1. Music is important to me because I play the violin and therefore I help our music teacher by going every week.

    2. At our school we could incorporate music into our assembly by some people volunteering to sing or to play a musical instrument every week.

    3. We can play music while we are doing work or while we are packing up to end the day.

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