Hi Robert

Robert-WongHi Robert and Kathryn

We are 5/6W and we made this video for you this morning. Here it is

We are really looking forward to hanging out with you and learning from one of the most creative guys in the world!


  1. William

    Hi Robert! Thank you for replying back. I’ve seen lots of your videos and really look forward to a google hangout.

  2. Thomas B

    Hi Robert,
    My name is Thomas and I can not wait until we can have a Google Hangout! You are really creative and good at making epic videos.

  3. albert

    hello my name is Albert and i come from a different country. i have never met you but my teacher showed me about you on your video about your video about making creative stories and i was inspired by you. i really like what you made hope you enjoy our blog 🙂

  4. Tomm

    Hi Robert,

    This is Tommy here, I can’t wait to hangout with an awesome and creative guy like you. I know nothing about making cool, awesome,interesting videos. So I’m ready for some fun :):)

  5. Eliza

    Hello Robert,
    My name is Eliza.
    I am really looking forward to speaking to you and hearing about your story.

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