The Water Conflict in Ecuador

Hi Everyone!

Today ibn 5/6W we were examing The Water Conflict in Ecuador.


We looked at Ecuadors recent history, focusing on the effects of Texaco/Chevron producing oil in the amazon and the effect in it having on the enviroment and the health of its citizens.

We would love to hear your opinion on this subject. For more infomation please read this article.

Mr. Williams 🙂

P.S  Homework for our class is to post your opinion on this issue



    In my opinion we should get rid of some oil tanks because one day all the drinkable water will be gone, Everyone will be dehydrated and people will just disappear into dust.

  2. alice

    In my opinion, it is completely unfair that Ecuador is trying to pass a law to be able to sell water. Water is a natural resource and it keeps people alive. People may not be able to afford the water and they would be left to drink dirty water which could kill them.Make money or save people lives?
    Tough decision.

  3. M@tthew

    I believe that the people of Ecuador have the right to fresh water whenever, like we do here in Australia. In all public areas there should be tap water available to use. The government should help people in need and look the peoples rights. By: M@tthew

    By Andi: It is such a shame that the government thinks they can make all the decisions in regard to Ecuadors water supply. All of the people in Ecuador deserve to be treated with respect and digity and I believe that their protests are a good way to show how they want things to change. Water is a precious neccessity and everyone has the right to use it wisely. by Andi

  4. Tess

    My opinion is that this so very unfair. Water is vital and for them to be taking away is just cruel. do you have any idea how hard it would be knowing that the what isn’t safe but they have to drink it anyway!! how would you feel if this was happening to you?


  5. Gabbie

    In my opinion, I think it is crazy that the government is even allowing them to sell the water let alone heaps of people going through with it. They get the water for free but then sell it it is a natural resource which keeps you alive. What if you can’t afford water, what happens then? You die? Or do you drink disgusting dirty water that could potentially kill you?

  6. Kara

    My opinion is, its not fair that the government are letting people selling water and heaps of people are going through with it! People in Ecuador deserve fresh water just like us. Water is natural and keeps us alive we cant live with out water. Most people in Ecuador are unable to afford water so have to drink dirty water. Water should be free and every one deserves water. Save peoples lives.

  7. mons

    Its not fair on the people who rely on the water. Its not just the people it will efect but the ecosystem the animals who drink it, the animals who eat thoose animals,the vegetation and the animals who live in it or rely on it for habbitat. The ecosystem is like a circle if you take one away the rest goes down like dominos. God gave us a fabulous world we should try to keep it that way. So hopefully the big companies can see what damage the water surply and that they can come up with a peaceful sulotion can be made so no more lives will be lost. From Monique

  8. willassassin

    My opinion is that the government is crazy because the poor people who dont have the money to pay for the fresh water either die by thirst, or drink dirty water that could kill you or could make you sick and they dont have money to pay for a doctor. So I think the government is just being really mean to the poor people what do you think?

  9. Michael/ Paula

    Hi it is Michael.
    My opinion is that I think that the government should not be aloud to sell the clean water as well as pollute all the water that used to be fresh. I hope that the government is able to share all the water to all and for the water to be free.

  10. Michael/ Paula

    Hi it is Michael.
    My opinion is that I think that the government should not be aloud to sell the clean water as well as pollute all the water that used to be fresh. I hope that the government is able to share all the water to all and for the water to be free.

  11. annabelle

    What I think of this article,is that it is soooooooo unfair for the Government to try and sell water to other wealthy businesses. Ecuador has NO healthy water and they’re drinking sewage water for heavens sake! and were’re here having water fights, swimming pools, and drinking water, but which we just take for granted.We don’t notice how lucky we are and how poor they are.That is why I am always thinking why wouldn’t we just buy them water or give them money to build a well, maybe even passports so they can come and live here! instead of buying goats and animals for them to eat,of course we can keep buying them food but at least proper food.
    so that is my opinion.
    thank you.

  12. Ethan :D

    Why do they let people sell water when it should be that they can just go to the pump and get water out and go drink our use it to wash, not that people have to buy it then they won’t have enough money and they will die of dyhrdration. They should take away oil tanks instead of making more! They will pollute the water and no one will be able to drink they will die of dehydration too. It will also give them diseases they can spread it so it all not in one place. They should just Destroy more tanks and be able to get water for free. It is not Fair :(. By Ethan B

  13. Ben

    I think that the government is stupid because the poor people ether die by thirst, or drink dirty water that can kill you or could make you sick and they don’t have the money to go buy clean water So I think the government is just being really mean 🙁 to the people. Whats Your Opinion???????????????????

  14. kieran the BEAVER!!!!!

    my opinion is why would they use all of that oil for no good reason its a waste they should just sell the oil and not pollute there homes and water! plus they shouldn’t be making more oil tanks they should be demolishing the oil tanks and making a safer and happier place to live than hell before dieing. its not fair 🙁

    by kieran 🙂


    My opinions are that the government and other companies shouldn’t take the water and transfer it to other regions because the water is for everyone and they should stop working on passing a new water bill and they should get rid of a lot of the tanks. V_V

  16. nathaniel:)

    evreyone deserves water and they shouldent sell people more than they need. because if people buy more then they need that means someone else needs to miss out AND THATS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. sylvia/julia

    we feel so sorry for those poor people,
    imagine having to wake up in the morning and drink bad water
    they should be freeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  18. Will G and Jill

    Why do they make poor countries have to sell their water for money to buy fresh water?

    Why cant they just go to the pump?

    I think the Goverment is greedy with their money and they should really use the money for good and be wise. The Goverment should use the money to get rid of ALL the oil tanks in poor countries.

    This is a very sad situation and one that luckier, welathier countries like Australia need to help out with. I wonder which charities assist poorer contries with problems like this? (Jill)

  19. eamon

    My opinion about Ecuador is that they should get rid of all the oil companies and perverse the Amazon. They can use solar energy to power their engines and utilities. With the oil gone it can provide safe drinking water.

  20. Shay dog

    my opinion is that they should stop putting Oil on the roads and that6 will stop oil from going into to drink water

  21. Georgia

    I think thta they should get rid of the oil tanks beause you need water more then money and any oil company beause knowing your going to die if you drink the water your going to die i would rather not drink. they shouldnt be making oil tanks they should be getting water.!! 🙂

  22. jazlyn

    dear anyone who is reading this i just want to say that the government and other companies shouldn’t take the water and transfer it to other regions because the water is for everyone and they should stop working on passing a new water bill.

  23. sylvia

    i think the goverment is mean for doing that so if you ask me
    i think that those poor people disurb more than that,
    and i feel terrable that those people either has to drink water or starve.

  24. jazlyn

    I think that the oil tanks should be taken down and that the government shouldn’t take water and sell it to other people.
    I think that they have there rights and that the government is just being silly.

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